What is the K.A.M.O. Mission?

Our mission is to provide outdoor experiences to children including fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting, wildlife viewing and hiking. Mentors who have passed a background check are matched with children to help provide them with these outdoor experiences. Our goal is to give a basic introduction to the sheer joy of the outdoors to children who may otherwise not have an opportunity to do so. While there is a membership fee to Mentors, there is NO CHARGE to any child to participate in KAMO.


How did K.A.M.O. get started?

The idea for a nonprofit mentor’s group to take children on outdoor adventures was envisioned by Mark Walters, a syndicated outdoor adventures writer from Necedah, WI. He recognized the need for an organization in which adult members who have passed a background check are able to take children on outdoor activities, and has been pursuing that goal ever since. Are you an avid outdoors person? Would you like the opportunity to be a part of KAMO, helping to give a child an outdoor adventure? Please contact your local chapter to find out more about becoming a KAMO mentor!