KAMO is an all-volunteer non profit organization funded through the efforts of the chapter mentors, grants, and the generosity of individuals and foundations in the communities we serve.

Donations made to individual chapters are often used for things directly related to getting kids to spend more time outdoors: activity fees, food, equipment, and promotional materials intended to draw more families and volunteers to our outings.

To make a donation to a chapter
, please visit that chapter’s page to see what individual needs and suggestions they have.

Donations made to the state overseeing body are also crucial. The state conducts quarterly and annual organizational meetings, maintains this website, sends representatives to meet with regional partner groups and national conventions such as R3, and maintains a broad advertising campaign intended to draw volunteers and families to its chapters as well as foster the growth of chapters in new areas of Wisconsin.

To make a donation at the state level, contact State Treasurer Tom St. Clair at 608-427-6886 or twstclair@gmail.com or State President Mark Walters at 608-853-0338/ sunsetoutdoors@tds.net for suggestions.


We thank each of our donors for their generosity and desire to keep our outdoor traditions alive.

As we say here at KAMO… TRADITION FORWARD!!!