K.A.M.O. is a unique group that provides Wisconsin communities with outdoor education activities for children and families.

These activities are provided year around and are free to all participants. KAMO’s chapters like to take in children beginning at the age of 9-11 and work with them over the next several years. Generally, most of our kamokids are between 9 and 15. Parent communication with our group is crucial.

Are you a parent, agency,  or potential volunteer looking for information about what K.A.M.O. has going on in your area?

Start by clicking on “Wisconsin Chapters

Are you an outdoor/ youth mentoring enthusiast looking for a means of bringing youth into the outdoors? Look under “contacts” and give one of us a shout. Our vision is for new chapters in areas within an easy drive of another chapter or in an entirely new area.

If you’re from the La Crosse area, be sure to visit “Coulee Chapter” or “helpful links” to view the resource guide to outdoor places in La Crosse County. Also, check out what the La Crosse chapter has for upcoming activities.

Did you know that KAMO is a 501 (C) 3, all volunteer non-profit?
There are no administrative costs, thus donations go entirely to getting kids outdoors.
These facts make KAMO an ideal organization to donate to.
Check out the donation information for your nearest chapter or the state in the tabs section

Looking for information on the organization’s background history? Click on the “About KAMO” tab.

Volunteer and child enrollment forms can be found under “Enrollment Forms”.

Thank you for visiting and as we say in K.A.M.O. — “Tradition Forward”