Welcome to Kids And Mentors Outdoors (K.A.M.O.)

Welcome to the Kids and Mentors Outdoors (K.A.M.O.) Website.

K.A.M.O.  was thought of and created by outdoor columnist Mark Walters and exists to give children access to a variety of experiences that should help them develop an appreciation for nature, a stewardship ethic and a knowledge of outdoor traditions to carry forward. These children will soon be adults who have the potential to impact the outdoor industry economically and pass the traditions and outdoor skills they’ve learned on to yet another generation.

K.A.M.O. is a unique mentoring organization that provides FREE to children year round activities. Kids get the opportunity to team with mentors over a period of several years so that their appreciation for nature can be more fully developed. KAMOKIDS can learn life-long outdoor skills and become future stewards of our resources. Parents are always welcome to participate in KAMO activities.

Members of K.A.M.O.’s seven Wisconsin chapters plan, organize and finance outdoor adventures including hiking, wildlife viewing, canoeing, fishing, camping, hunting, orienteering, trapping, skiing, biking and snowshoeing. The group’s mentors share a passion for nature and a keen desire to provide children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to get outdoors that chance. Each mentor is background checked.

If you know a person who has a passion for the outdoors and likes to help young people, each chapter always has a need for new mentors. New mentors often bring something unique to a chapter which in turn brings variety into that group. Mentors do not have to be outdoor experts. They can learn as they go. A person who would like to look into becoming a KAMO mentor can become involved by contacting someone in the chapter nearest them found under the ‘chapters’ tab on this site.

Chapters typically schedule 3-4 group events a year and the remainder of their activities are done in smaller groups or a one-on-one basis. The home page photos capture this mix of activities. The ‘All KAMO December Learn To Hunt/mentored hunting outing’, or “Joe Hunt”, near Poynette; a trapping group outing in Indianhead Country; a group fishing event on Lake Onalaska are just some examples. The photos carried on the individual chapter pages depict smaller group or one-on-one adventures.

Please visit the Wisconsin Chapters, newsletter and calendar of events section of the site to find out what K.A.M.O. has going on. The About Us section contains information on the history of the group. Forms for signing up a child, mentor or applying to start a new chapter can be found in the Participant Forms section.

Thank you for visiting and as we say in K.A.M.O. — “Tradition Forward”!!


KAMO members look forward to assisting people throughout Wisconsin in forming KAMO Chapters in their own area. KAMO members are insured for general liability by the Philadelphia Insurance Company.

Do you know a kid with an outdoor adventure dream? Are you interested in being a mentor/member or perhaps making a financial contribution towards expenses? Help us meet the challenge of bringing kids into the outdoors. At NO TIME is a child ever charged a fee for being a part of KAMO.

Read all the latest information about K.A.M.O. in a monthly newsletter by president Mark Walters, including updates and news from each chapter.


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