Just attend a KAMO event and looking further? Go to Wisconsin Chapters and see what they have coming up. The Coulee Chapter in La Crosse County has a fishing offer, a large kids day in West Salem, hunter’s education, and forest bathing. Check us out.

Did you know that kids are prewired to absorb the therapeutic benefits nature has to offer? The first step is to get them out.

K.A.M.O. is a unique group that provides Wisconsin communities with outdoor education activities for children and families. These activities are provided year around and are free to all participants. KAMO’s kids are generally between 5 – 15.

We are affiliated with the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, a group dedicated to the future of hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. The future of these sports depends on conservation education and the advancement of sound policies on a state and federal level. For more information on the WWF, see the link on our Additional Information page.

To enroll in KAMO generally as a mentor or family, contact your area chapter president (under Wisconsin Chapters) and have them send you an enrollment link or form.

To get an overview of how essential it is to get kids outside, please see “Additional Information”, “Research on …”

Want to get a feel for what our group does? Go to the newsletter section in the bottom right of this page.

Want to see what kids/ parents/ mentors have to say about our group? Go to the “Additional Info” tab and look under “testimonials”.
Here’s one sample:

Recent testimonial from Beaver Dam area parent – “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for taking “Bucky” on your last outing- what you guys do is really amazing and he enjoys it. The KAMO group is a great thing.”

KAMO is a 501 (C) 3, all volunteer non-profit.
Donations can be in the form of equipment or funds. They go entirely to getting kids outdoors.
Check out the donation information for your nearest chapter/ state under the Wisconsin Chapters” section.

Thank you for visiting and as we say in K.A.M.O. – Tradition Forward