The existing members of KAMO are a smaller core group of people who have known each other for a long time, often decades. The parents/ guardians of the participating children may often know one or more mentors in their chapter up front because of KAMO’s more rural/ small town composition.

The KAMO group employs a background check service – currently Intellicorp, that screens our applicants. Each chapter has a security officer who works with that service.

Each of KAMO’s mentors have undergone an initial background check and then have a recheck every five years.

The current back ground check bundle KAMO is using (through Intellicorp) includes:

  • SSN verification
  • Address history (7 years)
  • Government sanctions
  • A complete state/ county Criminal Background Check
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Department of Corrections


Many of KAMO’s volunteer mentors may work with kids in isolation during hunting activities, such as our annual deer hunt in Poynette. This deer hunt features a Learn To Hunt component -a state program for novice deer hunters. Volunteers involved in a Learn To Hunt are required to go through a second background screening – the state of Wisconsin’s “Mentor Background for Educational Outdoor Skills Program”. This certifies them through the state as volunteers eligible to mentor through the state’s Learn To Hunt Program.

Mentor Forms

To apply to be a mentor contact the chapter president in your area found on “Wisconsin Chapter” page.