Service Area: La Crosse area

How does Coulee KAMO work? We are a 100% volunteer, nonprofit group. Our mentors plan, coordinate, and finance activities year around. These activities are free and open to the public and are viewable in the link below. Interested parties can ask Mike to be included on our activity mailing list which is sent out every few weeks. The activities range widely and are intended to expose youth to the sheer joy of being outdoors so that they will become lifelong enthusiasts and stewards of the resource. Mentors teach their skills to kids usually in a groups format. Activities such as fishing or hunting can be one on one (these mentors have to complete background screening first). We encourage parent participation. Our kids are generally between 9-15, but younger siblings and friends often come along with the parent. We encourage families who are frequent participants in our activities to enroll a child as a kamokid, which is free. Kamokids may enjoy a few more perks such as getting invited to extra things we put together which don’t appear on our activity schedule.

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Financial – donations can be sent to our chapter treasurer: Coulee KAMO ℅ Kraig Hoff – 111 Rosewood Lane, West Salem, Wisconsin 54669. These funds will be used 100% for getting kids outdoors – no administrative costs. There are no paid personnel in K.A.M.O.

Consignment – Clothing, books, furniture can be dropped at one of two RootinCrown Thrift locations – 925 South 13th Avenue South (east of La Crosse Archery), Onalaska, Wisconsin or 1906 Ward Street (former New Villa location), La Crosse, Wisconsin. Your goods can be put in KAMO’s name and our group will get a percentage. Calling before delivering can be prudent – La Crosse Ward Ave. store – 608-519-9500/ Onalaska store – 608-519-2755. There is a new Holmen location on Western Avenue.
The RootinCrown depends on volunteers – this is another way you can help – put some time in as a volunteer there.

Material goods – Coulee will accept the following items in good condition only please:

Outdoor wear –  Boots, chest waders, camouflage, hoodies, blaze orange hats/vests/gloves, warm hats/gloves, and felt pack boots.

Fishing tackle – Small tackle boxes, hooks, and lures.